The Advantages of Using An App-Based Digital ID Verification Provider

Published on
April 25, 2024

Digital ID Verification solutions come in many shapes and sizes, but not all of them are created equal.

When it comes to providing the most robust service possible, the capabilities of a mobile app far outclass that of a web-based solution.

Here are the reasons why:

Secure Connection:

The connection between a webpage and a webcam can be vulnerable, which may increase the chance of the feed being intercepted. On the other hand, using a smartphone app to access the built-in camera is highly secure and greatly reduces the risk of interception.



The average webcam nowadays is significantly inferior to that of an average smartphone camera, which compromises the software's ability to effectively combat identity fraud.

As such, the latest upcoming technologies all demand HD-quality photos and videos to keep up with the growing risk of deepfakes and other fraudulent activities, which may soon become commonplace, if they haven't already.


Future Proofing

There are various technologies that are currently considered 'best in class' and are likely to become 'must-haves' in the near future.

o  NFC chip scanning offers the highest standard for scanning ID documents. There is only one company that provides NFC technology of regulatory quality, and going forward, it will only be available through apps.

o  Biometric Face Matching and Active Liveness Detection are crucially important security features, particularly in combating the rising threat of deepfakes. Both rely heavily on the front-facing camera of a smartphone to capture the individual’s face in high resolution.

o  This trend is likely to continue in the future,resulting in a widening gap in capability and robustness between web-based and app-based processes.


Customer Experience

While proponents suggest that the user experience is simpler when all is done with the same web form, the reality is that this can also pose problems.

We have heard numerous reports of bad experiences resulting from the use of web-based applications, and this is primarily due to the physical issues encountered while using inferior webcams,among other factors.

While some of your customers may be averse to using an app, we have found that even the most technology-averse individuals are pleasantly surprised by the speed and simplicity of our onboarding tool.


With technology advancing at a rapid pace and major tech vendors now primarily operating through apps, it is likely that non-app processes will soon become outdated.

It's understandable that some customers may prefer using services on a website, but it's important to consider that many professional service firms, like accountancy, law, real estate, and financial services, are now transitioning towards app-based services.

This shift is driven by concerns about security and the need to incorporate the latest technologies. In essence, app-based technology offers greater reliability, accuracy, and success rates, making it the superior choice for customers.